The Commons

I should have typed this up earlier because now it’s grown vaguer than I would like, but anyway I dreamt (and it turned out to be a nested dream) that I was outside looking toward the west and noticed, beyond the normal natural landscape features, that there seemed to be something planetoid-like, tan earth-colored, a bit to the southwest. Indeed it turned out to be a nearby planetoid, and there may have been aliens around… later I woke up into an outer dream in which there was a family gathering at my house (I remember also being outside with my parents in the boatshop-garage area welcoming people there as they arrived), and I think I told someone about the inner dream, and he told me it sounded just like a science fiction movie called The Commons. I looked up The Commons in the Encyclopedia Americana set that we had upstairs — it was all out of order, for some reason — and didn’t find it.

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