5′ Clover

A couple of scenes from last night, connected together via some sort of travel narrative but not, I think, one right after the other:

  • I was sitting on the floor at the entrance of (later between two internal areas of) a great barn with living space either inside of or attached to it, on a cloudy day. I was looking at a photograph called 5′ Clover and the Double Clover Lane or something very similar, which indeed showed a field of 5′-high clover plants, which were tall and straight like cornstalks, but recognizable as clover because of the purple clover flowers, of which there were a sizable number on each stalk. The viewpoint was from the midst of the field, but there was a lane cut through the clover, receding to the right in the distance, that allowed passage through. In the foreground were a couple of clover stalks on each side that reached to the top of the picture frame, and at least the right-hand one was bent over to give a further arch-like frame to the picture. I was able to zoom out on the picture, possibly by doing the iPhone-style pinch motion, and to my surprise the camera angle shifted to looking straight down toward the ground, and I continued the zooming out till it was the scale of a satellite image. I endeavored to figure out from the satellite image where the picture was, and by rotating it I recognized the area as the part of Canton St. Gallen east of Appenzell and west of the Rhine.
  • I was with a group of other people whom I’d been traveling with — at a convenience store earlier, I had bought something made out of cupcakes that was really cheap, but apparently everyone liked it when they tried it — and we were in another sort of barn-like building (in that it was made of rustic wood) with a sort of auditorium setup, where there was an orchestra in a pit facing south, and then directly above them were rows of audience seating — so that part of the audience couldn’t actually see the orchestra — and in front of these was a flat floor, intermediate in vertical level between the pit and the seats above. I and my group were on this flat floor, maybe at a picnic table. There were a number of people there, but far fewer than in the seats above. Because the orchestra’s conductor’s wrist was injured, a couple of other people (who were on the flat floor) tried to conduct in turn, but the lead-ins never worked quite right. In the seats above were a bunch of newly graduated ’08s (congrats IRL, guys), and the audience up there seemed to be more talking amongst themselves than listening to the orchestra, which didn’t seem to bother anyone else — it was like two entirely different things were happening in the same place. The pit and seats were lit by, or possibly open to, the outside (it was during the day), while the flat floor was covered by a roof and the walls had no windows, so only the daylight coming from the pit & seats area illuminated it. And beyond the pit and seats, to the north, was another interior wood-finished space that was open to the front, but seemed to be lit inside by artificial light, because the light coming from it was a very warm glow.

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