large owl

One part of last night’s dreams was that, at home in NH, a couple of times, I was in or around the backyard and saw a really large owl circling in the sky. It was so large that at one point, while approaching the north gate by the peach tree, I was slightly worried that it was going to think I was viable prey. It was very late afternoon, fresh and clear, maybe even twilight, but at any rate the sky was very blue. Later, still during early twilight, looking from inside the kitchen out to the western sky, I saw the owl, revealed as a barn owl, larger than ever, sitting on a cloud about the same size as it. I interrupted the dinner conversation to note it. Eventually the owl turned out to be a cloud formation itself, but of a smoother, more precise, denser consistency, seemingly, than the cloud it was “sitting” on, which brought us to the conclusion that something possibly nefarious was going on. The owl imagery is undoubtedly because I was just captioning some owl pictures right before bed last night.

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