snow fog

Snippet from a nap: I was riding with my parents in the Saab down Pattison/Luce Rd (which I mistakenly thought of as Stratton/Blair) toward Williamstown on a midmorning (the scene started before this, I know, but I’ve forgotten that part of it), and the roadsides were banked with snow, though there was maybe some ground showing too, and we got into a thick yet partially transparent custard-colored fog in the final turn down through the farm, and I made some sort of “at least…” comment about the fog or the snow, like maybe that it made the driving partially easier somehow. Also I was thinking “Crap! I forgot to pack my skis — although I would have had to check them on the plane,” rather than taking everything carryon, even though it wasn’t clear why I would have flown to Williamstown from NH.

Another scene was at a table that seemed to be sitting in the road at the north end of the driveway at home, Joe was talking about his graduate program with Colin, some WU folk, and me. People were pretty excited about it, though there was also some talk about a similar program in Cleveland that might successfully compete in that arena.

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