dove generation

Right now I’m cutting into my sleep for the upcoming night, but I forgot to update this for a while today. Last night one scene (or act, I guess) was set in what seemed like a rest stop on a rural, boreal east-west highway — a driveway area with evergreen woods around it. Some sort of action that I vaguely remember as related to UPS packaging products (like cardboard tubes), that I did, resulted in the generation of two doves, one of them bald (like Borne in her unfortunate times), which sat in the tree branches there (in a semi-open area next to the rest stop, on the west edge). This did not seem screwy. There were some cares that maybe the night would be too cold for the doves, but it only got down to 50 degrees, so I wasn’t too concerned, and indeed they were fine. I think I generated another pair, perhaps unintentionally, and then was somewhat vexed when I generated two further pairs (by making a double order of cardboard tubes or whatever the cause was).

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