sleet running

Two scenes remembered:

  • I was running along a road at night with a bunch of other people, everybody going at different paces; the road was southbound and curved along to the left, and there were houses close up against its sidewalks. It was wintry and sleeting. There seemed to be illumination from headlights of ongoing cars, but I don’t remember noticing the cars themselves. One girl was complaining stridently about running in that kind of weather, while out of her earshot, other people were saying she should just get over it. I was thinking she was expending more calories complaining than running.
  • That was early on in the night. Soon before getting up for the morning, I dreamt that I was on the WU campus, although it was much different from IRL — there were large athletic fields, as big as agricultural fields, with a big grassy slope up to a building to the southeast, for one thing. It was an overcast day, and I was watching, from up on that slope, a guy on the field doing a sort of bungee-jumping thing near the low fence at the edge of the field, except kind of in reverse — he seemed to be wearing a parachute that stayed high aloft, and when he jumped he would fly way up into the air and then land again sharply — so the parachute seemed to be pulling him upward, like skyhooks. Also next to the fence were recycling bins and some people noticed there were perishables in them and I took those out to put in my compost bin.

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