just a minor threat

Lots of rememberment so I gotta write it all down. First, I think I might have dreamt about oil painting technique since I was reading up on it just before I went to bed, and I have a sort of memory of waking up during the night and thinking that the dreams had been influenced by the reading. If that did happen, I remember the stuff thereafter better in any case.

Next scene I recall was at Merrill’s Four Corners in Hancock, which I know because of the multiplicity of farmhouses and barns on the eastbound road. They were all painted deep red, which seemed a change from what I remembered of them. The cleared field area was much smaller than RL, particularly on the southeast side. It was early afternoon. On the southbound road, where I was, there was another farmhouse (white, I think) adjacent, and I was talking with some WU classmates outside of it on the road. There was some kind of party, maybe a birthday party, happening in the house, and when we heard noise from one of the places on the eastbound road we discovered that another party was happening there, and there was a third party happening at a place visible to the northwest.

Sometime after that I was in a low-ceiling white room of a house with lots of north windows and with a bunch of people inside, including Ian MacKaye, who was answering questions and had maybe played us a song that he said was from his earliest musical days, before Minor Threat. I asked him a couple of times whether Faith had played the song but he never seemed to hear me. (Perhaps this is because, as I am rediscovering from AMG, his first band was the Teen Idles, and the Faith was his brother’s band, with the other members of which Ian later formed Embrace. I’m glad my dreaming brain wasn’t completely off base in thinking of Faith in connection to Ian MacKaye.) Meanwhile, the room sort of had become the south edge of a large grassy plaza on a sunny midmorning; the space was seemingly like the central area of a fort, with galleries ringing it and some trees around (fairly clearly based on RL Fort Warren on Georges Island in Boston Harbor). I walked northwest toward an exit from the plaza with some other people, maybe my parents, when I got a call from Tomio that there was a get-together nearby. I ended up seemingly back in the original white room, but this time there were a bunch of Williams friends there, and more of them were outside the house on the west side, where there was a driveway.

After that I was with a bunch of people in a fairly large room, the size of a classroom, say, with a tall ceiling, and I think it was dark outside, and there was a band that played a concert on a portable stage in the middle of the room (well, somewhat to the southeast of the middle — by “middle” I mean not on the edge) that consisted of Ian MacKaye again and a number of people I didn’t recognize, some of whom had a more post-grungey goatee-and-long-hair look. I don’t remember the details of the music much but I think it was pretty much hardcore punk, and I remember being frustrated that the rest of the audience was just kind of standing there while I really wanted to rock out (part of it was that I didn’t want Ian and the rest of the band to think we were ungrateful or unreceptive). After their set we hiked up to the northeast end of the room (its floor had become a hilly lawn, and it was perhaps outside now) where there was a setup that seemed to be two electric pianos, situated perpendicularly with the bench for one against the left side of the other bench, rather like Blondie and Dagwood’s bizarre chair arrangement. Two of the band members, a woman and a man, who were more indie-band-looking than the post-grungers (the guy had emo glasses), sat down at the benches and proceeded to play some much more ambient music, sometimes with a motorik-like eighth-note rhythm — my brain was definitely trying to inject various facets of Neu! — eventually I think it was just the woman playing. The light had changed to mid-morning sunlight — it was shaded by trees right there, but back down near the original stage, sunlight was shining on the ground and reflecting up toward the piano area. I think this space was based on my RL first-grade classroom, what with the light coming from the south and west. By the end of what I remember of the scene, however, it had turned back to night, and there was a single spotlight, attached to the northeast wall corner above, illuminating the piano area.

P.S. I now recall that a few days ago part of a dream was that I was holding a papaya-like fruit called a “guam.” I remember it because of just now seeing Guam in a list of map choices on the National Weather Service site.

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