My parents and I were riding the train in the Engadin and it turned out to be just a little ways below St. Moritz and above Samedan, so I had never been there before. The train was rushing along the south slope of the valley and there were high, dark clouds; the position seemed rather vulnerable to nature’s whimsy, and I was glad when we rolled into a town and flatter ground. Later my dad was driving the train and we were on a stretch between opposite lanes of a road, where we had to stop at each tributary road.

At another point I and some friends were in a building that was an old grange but now contained (unless I’m mixing dream scenes up, which is possible) a casino/other social gathering spot on the first floor, something else on the second floor, a space for filming The Simpsons (who knows) on the third floor under the roof, and a creepy, dirty attic on top. On the south side of this or maybe another building, there was a nice pebbly plaza that I was at in the warm late afternoon.

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