fish in the sea

This is for Friday night/Saturday morning’s almost 14 hours of sleep that I got. At one point I was watching a thing about the sea and I was pretty much seeing it as if I were there; I was on and then in the ocean swimming through it, and I saw beautiful schools of mid-size fish, as well as maybe some sharks, maybe whales, but at any rate larger shadowy creatures. Later I was in Maine with my parents and one place was the inside of what seemed somewhat like a fire station, with some offices off a small corridor and a drop ceiling and stuff, and also we were outside at one point at an enclave cleared out of the woods, and there were several people around, around picnic tables; it was a brisk, sunny, late-fall forenoon, with the sun higher in the sky than would IRL be possible at that time of year. After that we were back in Hancock (though it may have been understood as STL) and it was a muggy summer afternoon; I unlocked the front door from inside and relocked it and found that the keys could easily get stuck in the lock system, which was more like an open cylindrical canister with a thin metal coil inside. Eventually I was able to retrieve the keys. The last thing I can recall is finding some jewelry that I had been working on far earlier, near my bed (with my room being different than IRL; in fact I can’t seem to trace what RL room(s) could have affected the layout of this room).

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