1. The night before last

I was riding on a sunny late morning on a schoolbus in Peterborough on an elevated highway. There was a huge amount of new construction (mostly large wood-framed) around, simply covering the landscape, like Dubai or China or something. We stopped and got out and went inside one of the quasi-finished buildings going up. I saw bunch of people I sort of knew, some walking around and some sitting at tables, the space we were in being a tall one with sunlight coming in from the southeast and some sort of temporary light ruddy-brown paper hung over the walls. I was rollerblading around trying to find people I could hang out with.

2. Last night

I was travelling in the Virginia wilderness, possibly with my parents (part of it seems to have been at home in NH too, but that’s vague now), and at one point I was stationed in a sort of clearing in the early morning, with the sun low above the trees to the east and a deep blue sky, and I think it was autumn because the trees were fiery. I was sitting (or maybe lying down or standing) just southeast of a tall maple tree (to think of it, the layout of the clearing was parallel in certain ways to my backyard in NH) and to the southwest was a seemingly limitless extent of open area covered by a waist-high maroon-colored heathlike vegetation. So it was incredibly visually striking, this place of all blues, reds, and purples.

Soon I found myself having gotten to a building that was like an old deep-red farmhouse, except that its horizontal extents were huge — it had multiple very large courtyards, I think, but it was difficult to get an overall idea of it. I was in a yellow-and-white room on the north side of a grassy courtyard and as the site of the house sloped up to the west, on the western end of this room was an area raised-up by maybe 5′, which had a bed on it, and maybe there was another bed or two in the lower area of the room too. After investigating the room, I exited into another room to the east, which seemed to be in the main north-south length of the house. Eventually I was outside in the courtyard, which seemed to have grown in size and be pretty much the size of a small park, and I saw some Wms and WU people who were visiting in a group and sitting at a picnic table. I fell over backwards onto the grass as I greeted them, but no one seemed to mind.

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