campus bookstore building

Coupla nights ago I was with a bunch of friends on a university campus (WU, I guess, but different) and there was a building with a lot of glazed walls but some more solid parts too that housed the campus bookstore and maybe some other things, and the bookstore closed but my parents and I snuck in (the door was unlocked) to check on something (not actually to do anything illicit) and then reemerged out into the hallway just before a man and woman who seemed to be the management came by, and we said hello to them and they didn’t suspect. Elsetimes outside on the same campus (it was during the warm season and early evening twilight) my friends and I were all walking or running around near the aforementioned building or up to a parking lot (there was a slight south-facing slope) just north of it and south of a major east-west road, or beside a north-south road to the east of the campus bookstore building.

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