subway elevator

At one point I was in my dorm somewhere at night — I guess at WashU — and another dorm was having a fire alarm, so I figured mine would be next, and I got all dressed and ready to go out into the rain. I don’t think that actually happened. The dorm was a big ol’ brick mid-rise and I had a south- or west-facing room on one end of the inside of the L-shaped plan. I guess this is sort of like the Greylock dorms at Wms, now that I think of it, but the windows were a smaller amount of the façade in this dorm.

Laters I was at a T station (unsurprising given my recent several days around Boston) — at least it was called that, but it was in NYC — and I took an elevator from the second floor down to the basement level, where it became part of a subway train that was headed toward Queens. Luckily, the train only went as far as another part of the same station, and I was able to make sure the elevator would go back up to the second floor once the train arrived by pushing the “2” button in the elevator. It was a sunny day outside, but the station’s interior surfaces were quite dark, so there was very high contrast between those and the large windows. The station seemed to be a big hulking building sandwiched in the middle of a highway intersection in a sort of medium-density urban area.

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