Monthly Archives: January 2008


1. The night before last

I was riding on a sunny late morning on a schoolbus in Peterborough on an elevated highway. There was a huge amount of new construction (mostly large wood-framed) around, simply covering the landscape, like Dubai or China or something. We stopped and got out and went inside one of the quasi-finished buildings going up. I saw bunch of people I sort of knew, some walking around and some sitting at tables, the space we were in being a tall one with sunlight coming in from the southeast and some sort of temporary light ruddy-brown paper hung over the walls. I was rollerblading around trying to find people I could hang out with.

2. Last night

I was travelling in the Virginia wilderness, possibly with my parents (part of it seems to have been at home in NH too, but that’s vague now), and at one point I was stationed in a sort of clearing in the early morning, with the sun low above the trees to the east and a deep blue sky, and I think it was autumn because the trees were fiery. I was sitting (or maybe lying down or standing) just southeast of a tall maple tree (to think of it, the layout of the clearing was parallel in certain ways to my backyard in NH) and to the southwest was a seemingly limitless extent of open area covered by a waist-high maroon-colored heathlike vegetation. So it was incredibly visually striking, this place of all blues, reds, and purples.

Soon I found myself having gotten to a building that was like an old deep-red farmhouse, except that its horizontal extents were huge — it had multiple very large courtyards, I think, but it was difficult to get an overall idea of it. I was in a yellow-and-white room on the north side of a grassy courtyard and as the site of the house sloped up to the west, on the western end of this room was an area raised-up by maybe 5′, which had a bed on it, and maybe there was another bed or two in the lower area of the room too. After investigating the room, I exited into another room to the east, which seemed to be in the main north-south length of the house. Eventually I was outside in the courtyard, which seemed to have grown in size and be pretty much the size of a small park, and I saw some Wms and WU people who were visiting in a group and sitting at a picnic table. I fell over backwards onto the grass as I greeted them, but no one seemed to mind.

campus bookstore building

Coupla nights ago I was with a bunch of friends on a university campus (WU, I guess, but different) and there was a building with a lot of glazed walls but some more solid parts too that housed the campus bookstore and maybe some other things, and the bookstore closed but my parents and I snuck in (the door was unlocked) to check on something (not actually to do anything illicit) and then reemerged out into the hallway just before a man and woman who seemed to be the management came by, and we said hello to them and they didn’t suspect. Elsetimes outside on the same campus (it was during the warm season and early evening twilight) my friends and I were all walking or running around near the aforementioned building or up to a parking lot (there was a slight south-facing slope) just north of it and south of a major east-west road, or beside a north-south road to the east of the campus bookstore building.

subway elevator

At one point I was in my dorm somewhere at night — I guess at WashU — and another dorm was having a fire alarm, so I figured mine would be next, and I got all dressed and ready to go out into the rain. I don’t think that actually happened. The dorm was a big ol’ brick mid-rise and I had a south- or west-facing room on one end of the inside of the L-shaped plan. I guess this is sort of like the Greylock dorms at Wms, now that I think of it, but the windows were a smaller amount of the façade in this dorm.

Laters I was at a T station (unsurprising given my recent several days around Boston) — at least it was called that, but it was in NYC — and I took an elevator from the second floor down to the basement level, where it became part of a subway train that was headed toward Queens. Luckily, the train only went as far as another part of the same station, and I was able to make sure the elevator would go back up to the second floor once the train arrived by pushing the “2” button in the elevator. It was a sunny day outside, but the station’s interior surfaces were quite dark, so there was very high contrast between those and the large windows. The station seemed to be a big hulking building sandwiched in the middle of a highway intersection in a sort of medium-density urban area.