Monthly Archives: December 2007

driving to Greece

I only remember the last piece of the dream, which was where someone gave a response to something by something like “well why don’t you DRIVE to Greece” when we were in the US somewhere. That made me think beyond the ridiculousness of the suggestion to drive over the ocean about how one could get from the US to Greece with the shortest distance of non-driving, and the answer, of course, was up to Alaska, across the Bering Strait by ferry and across Siberia or Asia and on to Greece. (It turns out this ferry does not exist IRL.) I Googmapped this out to see what the route would be like and was extremely surprised to find a set of curving, parallel megahighways stretching from India through SE Asia into China which Googmaps recommended for the driving directions. The grid they formed covered much of the countries. It was wacky.


So while I was sleeping for 3 hours last night I had a pretty great* nightmare (in the narrow definition, as I think it actually woke me up) where it was evening or nighttime and my parents and I were outside maybe near a house, but anyway with the car parked and we were maybe having a cookout or something. Anyway, there was a significant risk of recurrence of alien robotish things that looked like flying saucers or Frisbees but were small, only about the size of a Frisbee. The problem with these is that if they came into contact with you, they would drain your brainwaves and make you a vegetable. (A metaphorical, not literal, vegetable, I should clarify, since this is a dream.) They would appear from another dimension whipping toward you at full speed (from the west, always) and sometimes pivoting (like a Frisbee) and then your only hope would be to be carrying a stick or a club or something and smash it apart as it approached you. For a good while we (or at least I) were just worrying about when they would appear (it seems that there were only certain conditions under which they would appear, and this night satisfied the conditions) without them actually appearing, but eventually some did and I tried to fight them off. I think one of my friends texted me (note: IRL I do not text except for a quick response to a received message) with a “WTF” that suggested that they were under attack as well. I tried to respond and couldn’t get a response back, and that was about when I woke up as I think the Frisbots were getting the best of me. Moral: I am subconsciously afraid of Frisbees?

*It was great because it actually made me want to get up and keep working rather than go back to sleep.

rail alternative

I had a nested dream that I was on a four-wheeler following a train on a railroad built on a raised-up wooden boardwalk-like route wending through a forest, and the train was going fast and to keep up I had to go so fast that I often started to veer off the way. It was pretty intense. Then I woke up (into the top-level dream) and I was at a friend’s house on a gray late afternoon and a bunch of people were diffusely around the house, and I told one guy about the inner dream.