buildings on wator

This is actually supposed to be yesterday. I remember two scenes, both having to do with being in a building by water: (1) my parents and I were at the Harris Center and exploring the addition, which contrary to RL was a sort of multiroom, open-air pitched-roof yet modernist-material pavilion floating on a reflecting pool in the woods downhill from the original building; (2) I was, on a sunny midday, on a roofed deck of a building beside a bay that was polluted and yucky and fed into a larger body of water (maybe a river, maybe an ocean) and there was a ship sinking, with people on it, into the bay right next to the building. Yet somehow the people were getting out of the ship (I don’t remember whether it was apparent how) and everyone was safe, and though there were a lot of people around and a bunch of onlookers to the sinking ship in particular, it seemed like I was the only one taken aback.

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