rose soil

Some disconnected scenes:

  • I was at a west-facing beach on a sunny warm midmorning with some other people and there were a lot of small prop planes — many of them biplanes, I think — flying around, and they had long thin wire extensions attaching maybe to parachutes or something, but anyway these took up such a large area that I was worried different planes’ cables would get tangled up with one another, but they never did, luckily.
  • I was in a large building with a lot of different parts to the program, and there was one room with a dome over it and the base of the dome had a bright fluorescent tube light all along it. I was looking at it through a wide doorway from a landing atop some open stairs in an adjacent large room.
  • At home in NH it was 11° out (in the fall) and thus the first killing frost of the season (I’ll say) and I pulled out some plants on the roadside that seemed weedy, but then found out they were roses that were supposed to be there, so I replanted them with the help of some rose soil that came in flattish clear plastic boxes that looked like they should contain premade deli entrees. But they didn’t. They contained rose soil.

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