air mass change

I was home in NH, I think, although the rest of my studio was around — there was some event that we were all trying to coordinate getting to or something — and all the scenes I remember seem to be on a late afternoon when a cold front had just passed through and the air was breezy and brisk and the sky was all diaphanous. (IRL a cold front has brought lovely fall air here to STL, so it is a logical thing for my brain to fixate on in a dream.) At one point I was enjoying the weather from inside looking to the west through the kitchen windows, and the top sash were all open, and one quick fair-weather sprinkle came through in a gust and spritzed me and the rest of the kitchen bracingly. At another point, I was in Bennington, within the grounds of a really nice cloister, with old (& a new addition of) long stone buildings to the right and left, walking downhill on a path in the lawn toward the east, but seemingly in the same weather setting.

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