multiuse building

I was with my dad on a sunny midday in the Hannaford shopping plaza in Keene; first we got kind of turned around trying to park in the northeast sector of it, but after that we went into a newish building to the west which had a mountaineering gear store on the east end, which was sort of open to the main space of the building — there was a sort of huge recessed, cathedral-ceilinged area when I looked back to the left after entering the building where a bunch of blue tarps were hung taut by multiple connections to the ceiling. The mountaineering store was separated from the other store(s) in the building by a lot of unused space; this I was already familiar with; we turned left and walked through a narrower barrel-vaulted hallway with a heavy, stalactited stucco ceiling, went up some steps within the corridor, and arrived at a room with a set of elevators on the left end, one of which was glass and contained a toilet. Apparently we were going to go up to visit some elderly relatives in an apartment higher up in the building.

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