Monthly Archives: October 2007

transportation vignettes

12 hours of sleep means lots of dreams.

  • I was standing or walking at a corner of a woods dirt road near a house in NH — the road running north toward me but then turning east where I was, with the house to the east — and there was a surprisingly large amount of car and bicycle traffic. I kept moving further and further to the side of the road to avoid the traffic, eventually getting to the edge of a stagnant pool surrounded by riprap that was on the house side of the road. I was glad to be there because a whole group of bicyclists eventually alighted right there, with cars continuing to go by.
  • I was riding south and downhill on an open highway on a sunny day in a boxy bus-like vehicle which was sort of more like a room of a house on the inside; it contained a cupboard full of small free stuff, including a large toothpaste-tube-like container of corn syrup, which I think I decided to take, and maybe some postcards or desk supplies and the like.
  • There was a documentary narrated by Sean Penn about a new filming technology where dark was inverted with light but hue was kept constant. There were flowers and Frisbees. This documentary was sort of limbo between something I was watching and something I was actually in.
  • In the kitchen of a working-class family with young children, one of the parents was angry about the other parent getting a Family Circus book for the kids, due to the inappropriateness of its content. I was viewing this from within the kitchen and looked at the book, yet did not interact with the others there
  • I accidentally left a hat or glove on the MetroLink train and went back to the station after a number of minutes, where the train was still inexplicably there, and I got back on it and headed west (even though it had been going east) and accidentally stayed on it all the way to Sunnen, which I hadn’t been to before, and on the approach there we (i.e. I and some of my friends, who had manifested themselves on the train without my noticing) were treated with an early-twilight view of a high-rise downtown which we were riding downhill towards. I decided to stay on the train till Shrewsbury since everybody was doing it, and then ride back to Skinker (my original intent had been to ride only one stop and then return, since I had already retrieved my hat or glove, as well as the glove or hat that it turned out I had also left there).

rose soil

Some disconnected scenes:

  • I was at a west-facing beach on a sunny warm midmorning with some other people and there were a lot of small prop planes — many of them biplanes, I think — flying around, and they had long thin wire extensions attaching maybe to parachutes or something, but anyway these took up such a large area that I was worried different planes’ cables would get tangled up with one another, but they never did, luckily.
  • I was in a large building with a lot of different parts to the program, and there was one room with a dome over it and the base of the dome had a bright fluorescent tube light all along it. I was looking at it through a wide doorway from a landing atop some open stairs in an adjacent large room.
  • At home in NH it was 11° out (in the fall) and thus the first killing frost of the season (I’ll say) and I pulled out some plants on the roadside that seemed weedy, but then found out they were roses that were supposed to be there, so I replanted them with the help of some rose soil that came in flattish clear plastic boxes that looked like they should contain premade deli entrees. But they didn’t. They contained rose soil.

air mass change

I was home in NH, I think, although the rest of my studio was around — there was some event that we were all trying to coordinate getting to or something — and all the scenes I remember seem to be on a late afternoon when a cold front had just passed through and the air was breezy and brisk and the sky was all diaphanous. (IRL a cold front has brought lovely fall air here to STL, so it is a logical thing for my brain to fixate on in a dream.) At one point I was enjoying the weather from inside looking to the west through the kitchen windows, and the top sash were all open, and one quick fair-weather sprinkle came through in a gust and spritzed me and the rest of the kitchen bracingly. At another point, I was in Bennington, within the grounds of a really nice cloister, with old (& a new addition of) long stone buildings to the right and left, walking downhill on a path in the lawn toward the east, but seemingly in the same weather setting.

multiuse building

I was with my dad on a sunny midday in the Hannaford shopping plaza in Keene; first we got kind of turned around trying to park in the northeast sector of it, but after that we went into a newish building to the west which had a mountaineering gear store on the east end, which was sort of open to the main space of the building — there was a sort of huge recessed, cathedral-ceilinged area when I looked back to the left after entering the building where a bunch of blue tarps were hung taut by multiple connections to the ceiling. The mountaineering store was separated from the other store(s) in the building by a lot of unused space; this I was already familiar with; we turned left and walked through a narrower barrel-vaulted hallway with a heavy, stalactited stucco ceiling, went up some steps within the corridor, and arrived at a room with a set of elevators on the left end, one of which was glass and contained a toilet. Apparently we were going to go up to visit some elderly relatives in an apartment higher up in the building.