field books

This will show up as tomorrow, but it’s really today. Last night a couple of scenes were (1) that I had been storing some books in a large rural field near St. Louis and was there on a gray, cool day with my parents and maybe other people were around, and I realized that it had been raining quite a bit recently and the books would have gotten wet, but luckily they were all pristine but for one slightly wrinkled one. At another point I was hanging around at a classroom table with some fellow architecture students, some of whom were actually Wms people.

Then when I involuntarily took a nap, one scene was my being in a cafeteria and a lunch lady drew some example lines on a piece of mylar that I had.

This evening IRL while running in the park I saw a man talking to his small fluffy dog about meetings or maybe web pages or something, but I guess he was actually on a cell phone probably.

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