black rabbit of death

I took a long nap this afternoon and had a noteworthy dream during it, and unfortunately some of it has faded because I didn’t write this right away, but there are still choice bits. Viz.:

A number of relatives and I were at my aunt’s house (different from IRL) on a late autumny afternoon in a very rural part of Vermont-like territory. Somehow there came about to be a lanky, enormous, black-pelted, bipedal plush rabbit (maybe twice as tall as an adult human) there, and it was a potential threat to our well-being in that, if certain conditions were not satisfied, it would seek to eat us. I think one thing was that if someone didn’t eat their dessert, then the rabbit would eat THEM for dessert. My roommate and I caught the westbound MetroLink train out of Skinker Station (the setting was still more like rural New England, though, with the railway cut into rocky slopes) to evade the rabbit, and at Big Bend my roommate got out and I thought we would just head out from there, but he got on his bike and rode directly ahead of the train, which was possible because I guess the train was actually riding on tires on a concrete roadway, rather than rails, while I stayed on the train but out in the invisible-walled front part of the front car so it seemed like I was outside of it. As we approached Forsyth Station, there was a large number of students chilling (sitting around, sleeping) directly in the train roadway, in a spot where it was covered overhead and closed in to the left but open-arched to the right, and it kept seeming like we were running them all right over, although I surmised that somehow this was not the case (i.e. my brain was making excuses for the nasty situation it had gotten the dream into). I think that once we arrived, we felt far enough away from the rabbit for comfort. Or were we???

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