The Arlington Road and Other Tales

  • I was on a walk back toward my hometown on an afternoon on a road that curved around to the northeast and then bent toward the southeast, and one of my friends who was with me had to get back by 4:10, and we were going to be a little late, but not badly, because we were just coming up through Arlington, which consisted of a little village where the way became a set of stones in a river (or maybe a strait between two ponds — this seems to have a RL basis in Skatutakee Rd in Harrisville) that you had to cross on, and then we made up some time by bounding down the ensuing hill in large jumps.
  • At night at home, a bright, tiny meteorite floated down and landed in the plants under my porch roof, the which landing I could see as there was a large rectangular hole in the floor (maybe 6′ square) between my bedroom and the porch, which the bedroom was cantilevered over. I went outside in my full pajamas that I was inexplicably wearing to check it out.
  • In a set of scenes at my house during daytime:
    • I had been cleaning up some AutoCAD drawings, including one of a handgun where there were duplicate superimposed copies of the side view of it, so that I had removed one of the copies; unfortunately I got a phone call from the producer of the drawing and learned that both copies were important.
    • I had a ball of multiflavored sherbet (actually more like sorbet) that I ate by hand, holding it in a napkin.
    • I was sitting down in a room where there was an informal gathering of people and noticed to my dismay that my pants were all sweated up from the walk mentioned at the top.
  • Also at one point I sort of floated up from a stairwell to the north into a grand cylindrical sort of hall with warm indirect midmorning light coming from a connected lobe of space to the south, and here was going to be shown the seventh Harry Potter movie, and there were people seated all around the wall facing toward the center who were there to see it, but I decided to leave because I had only seen the first movie (IRL I have only seen part of that even) and wanted to see the intervening ones before this one. So I floated back down to whatever else was happening.

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