field barn

I was able to remember some dream things on some days on the trip over here to STL, but things were too hectic and un-Internet-connected for me to write them down. Last night, however, I can recall some things from closer to wakeup time. For a while I was packing things in the minivan in NH for the trip, an unsurprising reflection of recent reality. Also my parents and I were at a wedding out in a rolling field on a cloudy day with woods around and a little barn/house with some bathrooms, a kitchen, and a loft right there, and attendees included a bunch of the people who were my neighbors while I was growing up, but at their current ages, so maybe the wedding was for someone in one of their families. Anyway, the scene seemed to move on abruptly to me driving southward up a road on a long steep grassy hill with maybe a chairlift to the right up on top, on a sunny early afternoon, and I was seeking on the radio for some specific station, I forget whether it was music or news I was looking for, but I kept missing it and I got a Paul McCartney song on one of the other stations, as well as hitting 92.1, the most locally broadcast station available IRL in NH.

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