tropospheric jet stream

I was up with some family friends, I guess, one of whom appeared to be John McCain (this emphatically does not mean I support his campaign) and another was possibly Quincy Tinkle, and we were on a big mountainy grassy area with a built-up road that was sort of like a curving aqueduct in places, with an arched structure holding it up, and at another spot it had ginormous boulders in it that we luckily had an actually offroad-capable SUV (I don’t know what it is with this dang Republican imagery) to climb over with (please note that that is two dangling prepositions there and yet it is grammatical). It was a nice sunny day. Later I was up in Maine at Spruce Ledge and there was a tropospheric jet stream (although it was acting more like a stationary axle sort of) lying north-south overhead, and the clouds, moving eastward, that encountered it would be all spun around until they got to the other side. This was at least at evening twilight and maybe earlier in the day too.

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