different Boston

Aw dang I’ve been packing and reading Wigu all day and kept forgetting to write anything here till now, but here’s what I still remember: I was in the Boston area but Greater Boston was totally geographically different, it was inland and the city proper was on a river that flowed to the north and there were a bunch of suburbs upstream to the south, including in one area where some tributaries came together or mingled or what and had all different names (though plausible, except for the one I remember, which was Neandry) from the real ones, and this area was a little like Cambridge and Newton and had a center sort of like Harvard Square. I saw this all on a map or a satellite picture (they are the same thing these days) and I don’t remember so much of what actually happened there, except I remember waiting for a bus at a station there that was sort of like a hotel lobby and the sun was shining at a low angle on an area to what was really the south yet felt like the west (as things are IRL for me at Williams, where my sense of direction is 90 degrees off and I haven’t been able to shake it).

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