For a while I was dreaming about a parking lot for small airplanes that also seemed to be (at least next to) a cabin for some of my extended family, where I stayed for a few days, and there was some daytime and some nighttime. Later, I dreamt about a different cabin, on the south shore of a lake in the woods, and a bunch of Wms friends were there, I think — this was clearly modeled on Leah’s VT cabin, although it was a totally different location and the building looked different — it was more chalet-shaped, with the whole thing being under a very wide gable roof. This sort of morphed into a situation I’ve dreamt about multiple times, which is that I’m at Williams, I guess, and realize that I’ve missed going to two of my classes for at least half the semester. This time I was sort of in a Hopkins Hall-like place, except it was sort of more Griffin-like on the interior, with a large gathering room off the south-side hall, and I tried going to one of those classes I’d been missing, which was some sort of holistic humanities class, but the professor (who actually had the title not of professor, but of some very curious word beginning with im-, I think, that I’d never heard of) didn’t let me back in the class. So I left and realized that maybe I could do a condensed independent study to get the same amount of credit, and hoped that I could start back up in the other class I’d been missing, as it was more quantitative and perhaps I could just get up to speed with a lot of reading and problem sets. I am glad this has never actually happened.

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