dang wind

I woke up during the night and remembered a bunch of things that I had dreamt so far, but now most of them have faded, except for

  • I was in a big glass-walled modern building with a multi-story atrium along the east side in the evening and some of my friends were around and some of them were intermittently doing a curious knee-shifting dance, and maybe I did at some point as well. I think there were escalators and things.
  • I was at home here in NH and noticed for the first time that plugged into a socket in my bedroom was a control for the bathroom’s climate settings — it was a thermostat but it also could release fragrances, I think. There was some reason that it was not located in the bathroom, such as shock risk or something.

There was heavy rain when I woke up during the night so I got up and moved my fan out of the window so it wouldn’t propel rain in. When I fell back asleep I dreamt that I went into the bathroom on the present night and the wind had knocked over my lens solution and had also, to my disgust, thrown one of my water bottles into the toilet.

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