Monthly Archives: August 2007

pool storm

I was finishing a hike in NH with some friends and we all jumped (in our hiking clothes) into an aboveground pool at home in NH to cool off; it was a gray day, and it soon started thundering and lightninging, so we had to scatter and get inside, but not before I rescued a bumblebee out of the pool. Inside was sort of the ART office but sort of more rustic, and there were some computery people there who showed us a new small computer they’d gotten to supplement the workstation at one of the desks, for gaming purposes, I believe. At other points I was able to locomote in a floating way, as happens quite frequently in my dreams.

river race

I’ve forgotten much of last night’s dreams, but I do remember being in a flattish woodsy area with a pebbly-banked river winding through south-to-north, on a cloudy, sort of chilly day, and one of my high school XC coaches was holding a 3.0-mile race that kept crossing through the river. I didn’t really want to get all wet and cold by doing the race, but I decided to anyway, as it is difficult for me to avoid doing a race if I am present at it. People were already warming up by running on the course, and I thought temporarily that the race had already started and I’d missed the start, but that wasn’t the case; but I’m not sure I actually ever did the race — I think my brain moved on to something else by then.

black rabbit of death

I took a long nap this afternoon and had a noteworthy dream during it, and unfortunately some of it has faded because I didn’t write this right away, but there are still choice bits. Viz.:

A number of relatives and I were at my aunt’s house (different from IRL) on a late autumny afternoon in a very rural part of Vermont-like territory. Somehow there came about to be a lanky, enormous, black-pelted, bipedal plush rabbit (maybe twice as tall as an adult human) there, and it was a potential threat to our well-being in that, if certain conditions were not satisfied, it would seek to eat us. I think one thing was that if someone didn’t eat their dessert, then the rabbit would eat THEM for dessert. My roommate and I caught the westbound MetroLink train out of Skinker Station (the setting was still more like rural New England, though, with the railway cut into rocky slopes) to evade the rabbit, and at Big Bend my roommate got out and I thought we would just head out from there, but he got on his bike and rode directly ahead of the train, which was possible because I guess the train was actually riding on tires on a concrete roadway, rather than rails, while I stayed on the train but out in the invisible-walled front part of the front car so it seemed like I was outside of it. As we approached Forsyth Station, there was a large number of students chilling (sitting around, sleeping) directly in the train roadway, in a spot where it was covered overhead and closed in to the left but open-arched to the right, and it kept seeming like we were running them all right over, although I surmised that somehow this was not the case (i.e. my brain was making excuses for the nasty situation it had gotten the dream into). I think that once we arrived, we felt far enough away from the rabbit for comfort. Or were we???

The Arlington Road and Other Tales

  • I was on a walk back toward my hometown on an afternoon on a road that curved around to the northeast and then bent toward the southeast, and one of my friends who was with me had to get back by 4:10, and we were going to be a little late, but not badly, because we were just coming up through Arlington, which consisted of a little village where the way became a set of stones in a river (or maybe a strait between two ponds — this seems to have a RL basis in Skatutakee Rd in Harrisville) that you had to cross on, and then we made up some time by bounding down the ensuing hill in large jumps.
  • At night at home, a bright, tiny meteorite floated down and landed in the plants under my porch roof, the which landing I could see as there was a large rectangular hole in the floor (maybe 6′ square) between my bedroom and the porch, which the bedroom was cantilevered over. I went outside in my full pajamas that I was inexplicably wearing to check it out.
  • In a set of scenes at my house during daytime:
    • I had been cleaning up some AutoCAD drawings, including one of a handgun where there were duplicate superimposed copies of the side view of it, so that I had removed one of the copies; unfortunately I got a phone call from the producer of the drawing and learned that both copies were important.
    • I had a ball of multiflavored sherbet (actually more like sorbet) that I ate by hand, holding it in a napkin.
    • I was sitting down in a room where there was an informal gathering of people and noticed to my dismay that my pants were all sweated up from the walk mentioned at the top.
  • Also at one point I sort of floated up from a stairwell to the north into a grand cylindrical sort of hall with warm indirect midmorning light coming from a connected lobe of space to the south, and here was going to be shown the seventh Harry Potter movie, and there were people seated all around the wall facing toward the center who were there to see it, but I decided to leave because I had only seen the first movie (IRL I have only seen part of that even) and wanted to see the intervening ones before this one. So I floated back down to whatever else was happening.

hat dove

Scattered things: • trying to take pictures of doves that were maybe in Maine; one ended up being fairly tame and was wearing a frilly hat, and I got some closeup shots; • driving east-west through STL (as IRL last evening, except it was daytime in the dream and I don’t know whether there was a destination); ummm… • that’s it.

field barn

I was able to remember some dream things on some days on the trip over here to STL, but things were too hectic and un-Internet-connected for me to write them down. Last night, however, I can recall some things from closer to wakeup time. For a while I was packing things in the minivan in NH for the trip, an unsurprising reflection of recent reality. Also my parents and I were at a wedding out in a rolling field on a cloudy day with woods around and a little barn/house with some bathrooms, a kitchen, and a loft right there, and attendees included a bunch of the people who were my neighbors while I was growing up, but at their current ages, so maybe the wedding was for someone in one of their families. Anyway, the scene seemed to move on abruptly to me driving southward up a road on a long steep grassy hill with maybe a chairlift to the right up on top, on a sunny early afternoon, and I was seeking on the radio for some specific station, I forget whether it was music or news I was looking for, but I kept missing it and I got a Paul McCartney song on one of the other stations, as well as hitting 92.1, the most locally broadcast station available IRL in NH.

tropospheric jet stream

I was up with some family friends, I guess, one of whom appeared to be John McCain (this emphatically does not mean I support his campaign) and another was possibly Quincy Tinkle, and we were on a big mountainy grassy area with a built-up road that was sort of like a curving aqueduct in places, with an arched structure holding it up, and at another spot it had ginormous boulders in it that we luckily had an actually offroad-capable SUV (I don’t know what it is with this dang Republican imagery) to climb over with (please note that that is two dangling prepositions there and yet it is grammatical). It was a nice sunny day. Later I was up in Maine at Spruce Ledge and there was a tropospheric jet stream (although it was acting more like a stationary axle sort of) lying north-south overhead, and the clouds, moving eastward, that encountered it would be all spun around until they got to the other side. This was at least at evening twilight and maybe earlier in the day too.

different Boston

Aw dang I’ve been packing and reading Wigu all day and kept forgetting to write anything here till now, but here’s what I still remember: I was in the Boston area but Greater Boston was totally geographically different, it was inland and the city proper was on a river that flowed to the north and there were a bunch of suburbs upstream to the south, including in one area where some tributaries came together or mingled or what and had all different names (though plausible, except for the one I remember, which was Neandry) from the real ones, and this area was a little like Cambridge and Newton and had a center sort of like Harvard Square. I saw this all on a map or a satellite picture (they are the same thing these days) and I don’t remember so much of what actually happened there, except I remember waiting for a bus at a station there that was sort of like a hotel lobby and the sun was shining at a low angle on an area to what was really the south yet felt like the west (as things are IRL for me at Williams, where my sense of direction is 90 degrees off and I haven’t been able to shake it).


For a while I was dreaming about a parking lot for small airplanes that also seemed to be (at least next to) a cabin for some of my extended family, where I stayed for a few days, and there was some daytime and some nighttime. Later, I dreamt about a different cabin, on the south shore of a lake in the woods, and a bunch of Wms friends were there, I think — this was clearly modeled on Leah’s VT cabin, although it was a totally different location and the building looked different — it was more chalet-shaped, with the whole thing being under a very wide gable roof. This sort of morphed into a situation I’ve dreamt about multiple times, which is that I’m at Williams, I guess, and realize that I’ve missed going to two of my classes for at least half the semester. This time I was sort of in a Hopkins Hall-like place, except it was sort of more Griffin-like on the interior, with a large gathering room off the south-side hall, and I tried going to one of those classes I’d been missing, which was some sort of holistic humanities class, but the professor (who actually had the title not of professor, but of some very curious word beginning with im-, I think, that I’d never heard of) didn’t let me back in the class. So I left and realized that maybe I could do a condensed independent study to get the same amount of credit, and hoped that I could start back up in the other class I’d been missing, as it was more quantitative and perhaps I could just get up to speed with a lot of reading and problem sets. I am glad this has never actually happened.

dang wind

I woke up during the night and remembered a bunch of things that I had dreamt so far, but now most of them have faded, except for

  • I was in a big glass-walled modern building with a multi-story atrium along the east side in the evening and some of my friends were around and some of them were intermittently doing a curious knee-shifting dance, and maybe I did at some point as well. I think there were escalators and things.
  • I was at home here in NH and noticed for the first time that plugged into a socket in my bedroom was a control for the bathroom’s climate settings — it was a thermostat but it also could release fragrances, I think. There was some reason that it was not located in the bathroom, such as shock risk or something.

There was heavy rain when I woke up during the night so I got up and moved my fan out of the window so it wouldn’t propel rain in. When I fell back asleep I dreamt that I went into the bathroom on the present night and the wind had knocked over my lens solution and had also, to my disgust, thrown one of my water bottles into the toilet.