Alewife terminal

Some scattered scenes that I remember from last night:

  • possibly more than once, I and some other people were at a T station that I think was called Alewife, but it also looked much like an airport terminal, with lots of seats in a long north-south chamber, and it also had some similarity to RL Harvard Station, as on the east side you could see through a window to the bus lanes. Further south on the east side you could see out to a bustling street a level above the interior floor, and on the west side were a bunch of doors out to a big parking lot.
  • I was placing some objects, including a knife, maybe some other kitchen things, in the air next to a block or container of some sort that held other maybe kitchen things, and the things I was putting next to it just levitated next to the container, held by some sort of force. Pretty useful, I guess.
  • There was a shop that sold fine textiles and maybe other things that was in the upstairs of what seems to have been a Swiss-like house, and it closed at 8:30 PM, and I was in there just at 8:30 to deliver or return something, or some similar non-purchase activity, and the shopkeeper knew I knew it was closing time and that I would be right outta there. This may have been the same building as the levitating kitchen things.
  • I was with some friends in a version of Harvard Square and went into a record store that turned out to be mostly a book store with some DVDs and deep colors for the walls and shelves, with spotlighting.

All in all, a Harvard-Square-centric set of circumstances.

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