I remember just a few snippets; a bunch of Wms friends and I were in a city somewhere that might have been Boston or STL, although it was also parts of Williamstown. There was one T-intersection of multi-lane highways that we had to cross on an overcast afternoon to look for places to eat dinner; at another point, though, I was in something like the Frosh Quad and one of my friends was spraying people with water, and I was not in the mood to get soaked, so I sort of slunk around the periphery of the quad and then admonished her that my notebook mustn’t get wet when she tried to get me. Also I had to type 1234 into a keypad to enter the dorm I was living/staying in, which I noted with satisfaction was the same combo I had used back freshman year there (and the dorm was in the correct position to be Willy F). That allowed me through a gate and on the other side of the building, there was no wall and the stairwell was just open to the outside.

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