ticket booth

I ain’t remember too much of what I dreamt last night, but I have been reminded that at one point on an afternoon I was at the entrance to a cinema which was sort of inside but sort of outside, and there were a bunch of celebrities (Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, a bunch of others) there in line to get movie tickets. It was no special event or anything, though, no paparazzi to be seen, they were just there to see a dang movie. Michael Moore was there too and I talked to him, saying that I hadn’t seen Sicko yet but planned to soon and thanking him for making it.

Guess what I dreamt about in St. Louis? Three hints:
1. I tend to dream about public transit.
2. I dream about new experiences that I’ve had.
3. St. Louis has a brand-new light rail system that I hadn’t ridden before.

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