Monthly Archives: July 2007

Alewife terminal

Some scattered scenes that I remember from last night:

  • possibly more than once, I and some other people were at a T station that I think was called Alewife, but it also looked much like an airport terminal, with lots of seats in a long north-south chamber, and it also had some similarity to RL Harvard Station, as on the east side you could see through a window to the bus lanes. Further south on the east side you could see out to a bustling street a level above the interior floor, and on the west side were a bunch of doors out to a big parking lot.
  • I was placing some objects, including a knife, maybe some other kitchen things, in the air next to a block or container of some sort that held other maybe kitchen things, and the things I was putting next to it just levitated next to the container, held by some sort of force. Pretty useful, I guess.
  • There was a shop that sold fine textiles and maybe other things that was in the upstairs of what seems to have been a Swiss-like house, and it closed at 8:30 PM, and I was in there just at 8:30 to deliver or return something, or some similar non-purchase activity, and the shopkeeper knew I knew it was closing time and that I would be right outta there. This may have been the same building as the levitating kitchen things.
  • I was with some friends in a version of Harvard Square and went into a record store that turned out to be mostly a book store with some DVDs and deep colors for the walls and shelves, with spotlighting.

All in all, a Harvard-Square-centric set of circumstances.


This is actually from the night before last and will probably look like it’s from tomorrow, because it almost is. Anyway, the only things I can remember right now is I was maybe at home in NH and there were people around whom I knew, and there was also a woman who lived in town who had just been elected bishop, although she dressed more like a regular pastor. There was a building that had a showcase of applications of big electronic display screens that had square picture elements of maybe 1cm on a side. You could do all sorts of things with them, including drawing lifelike pictures (I drew a canine of some sort) with just a few swooshes of your hand across the surface of the screen, plus a bunch of other things that I’ve forgotten. I realized a bit later that these screens were essentially just far lower-than-normal-resolution LCDs and I was all “what was everyone going on about with them then?”

walking to work

I had a new job in Greater Boston, which was actually more like a linear valley of very small, urbanized villages, and I walked to work, except that I had to walk through a really dangerous neighborhood to get there. So I considered moving to Arlington, but then I also realized I could just choose a different street in the aforementioned neighborhood to walk through and it would be fine. It was a fallish or winterish midmorning the whole time.


I remember just a few snippets; a bunch of Wms friends and I were in a city somewhere that might have been Boston or STL, although it was also parts of Williamstown. There was one T-intersection of multi-lane highways that we had to cross on an overcast afternoon to look for places to eat dinner; at another point, though, I was in something like the Frosh Quad and one of my friends was spraying people with water, and I was not in the mood to get soaked, so I sort of slunk around the periphery of the quad and then admonished her that my notebook mustn’t get wet when she tried to get me. Also I had to type 1234 into a keypad to enter the dorm I was living/staying in, which I noted with satisfaction was the same combo I had used back freshman year there (and the dorm was in the correct position to be Willy F). That allowed me through a gate and on the other side of the building, there was no wall and the stairwell was just open to the outside.


I’ve forgotten what the haps were from last night and the night before, but I do at least remember that two nights ago, up in VT, I dreamt that I was offrailing in a train. I think it was like a Red Line train rather than a streetcar or a big ol’ Amtrak train. I think I drove on roads and maybe some road construction sites. But it was just like a normal event, there was nothing adventurous about it. Man!

ticket booth

I ain’t remember too much of what I dreamt last night, but I have been reminded that at one point on an afternoon I was at the entrance to a cinema which was sort of inside but sort of outside, and there were a bunch of celebrities (Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, a bunch of others) there in line to get movie tickets. It was no special event or anything, though, no paparazzi to be seen, they were just there to see a dang movie. Michael Moore was there too and I talked to him, saying that I hadn’t seen Sicko yet but planned to soon and thanking him for making it.

Guess what I dreamt about in St. Louis? Three hints:
1. I tend to dream about public transit.
2. I dream about new experiences that I’ve had.
3. St. Louis has a brand-new light rail system that I hadn’t ridden before.


There was a conceptually interesting scene in a dream from a few nights ago where I was talking with someone and it turned out that perceived reality is run by computer programs, and humans (etc.?) actually exist in an unchanging state out of the flow of time, fed their experience by the programs. So it’s different from the Matrix situation. Not actually very feasible because the real people’s minds would have to be doing SOME sort of changing to be experiencing time as given to them by the computers, right? or would they?