street + shopping

At one point on a midafternoon I went down a north-south street that sloped down to the south and had a treed median and solid blocks of buildings at least on the left side, possibly a retaining wall with houses above it on the right side, and I was walking down the right side, but I had to cross the street to go into a train station or something. A bus came that would have brought me over there but it had to go to the bottom of a street and U-turn in the meantime, so it was obviously faster for me to just cross the street. I entered one door too far down at first but quickly corrected myself. Then other stuff happened inside that I don’t remember. Later on pretty much the same thing happened except I was with my parents; again, I started to go in the wrong door at first, but this time I caught myself quicker.

At another point I was checking out a large cupboard in a large store that had bargain-bin prices on blankets and maybe clothes. Then a guy I knew (but don’t actually know) came along and convinced me to buy a very small handgun for self-protection, which I was reticent about since I am not usually a fan of guns, but I ended up getting it anyway. I never tried shooting it. It was only about 2″x3″ and was maybe light blue.

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