reggae videos

I went to some event one afternoon maybe in NH at a local college or something with my parents and maybe some other people. It seemed like we arrived at a train stop and then walked quite a ways along highways to get there, during which it started raining and thundering. There seemed to be a graduation happening, but we went into a large classroom and there were awards being given out for people in the concert band, many of whom I recognized from high school. At some point I bought three VHSs of reggae videos for $14.99 from a guy who had produced them himself, after I heard a really good song from one of them. I don’t know why they were VHSs. Anyway, after a time we left the area and walked back the convoluted way we arrived by, with the rain still ing, and later I looked at a map and it was a big ol’ detour that we took, whereas there had been a pretty much straight road there that we kept crossing over and I was like “A-ha!

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