Monthly Archives: June 2007

early morning

I woke up at 5:20 this morning and by chance that was just about sunrise, so I went upstairs and got some pictures of the rising sun that was incredibly far north, it being just past the solstice. After I went back to bed, the early morning setting was integrated into my dreams and I dreamt about being at maybe a colleague’s house with a number of people from the office, in the early morning, and the house was sort of elongated on the east side, as was a kitchen/hallway area on the front side, inside.

Later I was on a sidewalk at night and there were high school friends of mine and WXC people with me or passing by, and the really bizarre thing is that everyone was moving either by running on their hands and knees, or by “walking” upright on their knees. Yet this seemed completely normal to me within the dream, and it was only after I woke up that I realized it was odd.

rickety ol’ house

I was staying in a rickety ol’ dark house in an upstairs bedroom that was sort of just barely partitioned out of a corner of the hallway and in that hallway a large part of the floorboards opened up really easily and hazardously. Also the electrical outlets sparked a fair bit whenever one plugged something in. And yet I was not concerned for my safety.

At another time I was writing an email invitation to a bunch of friends for a party that another friend of mine was hosting in her modernist apartment. What.

That’s all I remember from LAST night.

street + shopping

At one point on a midafternoon I went down a north-south street that sloped down to the south and had a treed median and solid blocks of buildings at least on the left side, possibly a retaining wall with houses above it on the right side, and I was walking down the right side, but I had to cross the street to go into a train station or something. A bus came that would have brought me over there but it had to go to the bottom of a street and U-turn in the meantime, so it was obviously faster for me to just cross the street. I entered one door too far down at first but quickly corrected myself. Then other stuff happened inside that I don’t remember. Later on pretty much the same thing happened except I was with my parents; again, I started to go in the wrong door at first, but this time I caught myself quicker.

At another point I was checking out a large cupboard in a large store that had bargain-bin prices on blankets and maybe clothes. Then a guy I knew (but don’t actually know) came along and convinced me to buy a very small handgun for self-protection, which I was reticent about since I am not usually a fan of guns, but I ended up getting it anyway. I never tried shooting it. It was only about 2″x3″ and was maybe light blue.

reggae videos

I went to some event one afternoon maybe in NH at a local college or something with my parents and maybe some other people. It seemed like we arrived at a train stop and then walked quite a ways along highways to get there, during which it started raining and thundering. There seemed to be a graduation happening, but we went into a large classroom and there were awards being given out for people in the concert band, many of whom I recognized from high school. At some point I bought three VHSs of reggae videos for $14.99 from a guy who had produced them himself, after I heard a really good song from one of them. I don’t know why they were VHSs. Anyway, after a time we left the area and walked back the convoluted way we arrived by, with the rain still ing, and later I looked at a map and it was a big ol’ detour that we took, whereas there had been a pretty much straight road there that we kept crossing over and I was like “A-ha!


First of all one scene was a set of people investigating saltboxes as a house type in some town and looking, I think, at first floor or lower roof plate heights in comparison to maybe the total height of the house. I don’t really remember what it exactly was. Anyway, there was like an urban density of old saltboxes. It was quite a scene.

Later I dreamt that some family friends had a raft (a whitewater-style one, yellow and white/gray/black) that they moved from one lake to another, and the installation was quite complex. It was a nice day on the lake with the sun sort of filtering through pine trees, and there was swimming going on.