Gersau, MA

I hain’t been here a few days longer than intended because Safari has kept crashing on me when I try to start a new post. So I’m using Camino instead and so far it’s working fine. Let’s go:

1. Three nights ago I dreamt that I was in the Medford Main St area just south of George St except that the area was Gersau and not South Medford, which seemed natural. Also I woke up temporarily at about 5AM and saw that it wasn’t too long till a far-north sunrise, and when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I actually saw the sun rising and was like “Suuuuun!” and got my camera and took a picture of the sun with the orb filling up the whole frame, so that the camera exposure became so quick that the surface texture of the sun showed up in the picture, and its look was more the large plates of a new atomic bomb explosion than the nobbled, sunspotted texture that one usually sees in pictures. Too, it was white in color in the picture rather than orange.

2. Two nights ago I dreamt that I was at Marienfeld (i.e. Harrisville, NH Marienfeld) but there were some changes that had happened such as a new building or two, and also it was up in an alpine valley, not on a hill. The sky was dark gray for the most part, though there was some afternoon sun at one point.

3. I ain’t remember what I dreamt about last night, except for that there were some trees around here with forest tent caterpillars, after I saw a couple of real ones on my run yesterday. Uh-oh.

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