piglet escape

I was moving a lot of furniture around sort of across a staircase at one point; at another point I was out at the edge of some large lake or something (not the Charles) near downtown Boston at twilight and was taking some pictures of or at least looking at the distant skylines in view; in a maybe adjacent scene I was at a college art museum I guess that had a bunch of wide stairs inside and out and the top of the concrete wall supporting some of the railings had shards of broken tile or something built into its surface. Also around that time we had a couple of piglets in a chain-link-fenced-off part of a room, and they ascertained how to escape by effortlessly climbing up and over the fence, which they did. After that I had to keep a large beetle from escaping, so I kept it in a box of a couple layers but left it some air gap, of course, but I eventually let it go. This, I remember now, was around the time of the furniture-moving.

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