I was on some sort of tour with an ever-shifting group of people I knew. At one point we walked up into a parking garage but were at first going up where the cars were coming down, so we had to take a cross-stair over to the other side. At the top of the garage it was more like the attic of a steeply-roofed house than anything else. When we were walking toward the garage, I demonstrated my ability to bounce several times levitated off the ground entirely just by starting out with a few grounded hops. Another time, we were in England and there was a train track in a fairly narrow sunken corridor, only maybe 10′ wide, that forked into two and the one that kept the straight route of the pre-fork track was ostensibly out of use, which I was disappointed about, although a locomotive did choochoo past as I and someone else were sprinting back toward the fork on the tilted banks of the corridor. Another locomotive took the other, curved route.

At another point I polished my shoes (as I’ve been meaning to do IRL) because they had lost all their color and had actually turned completely white.

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