McGrath Hwy

I toured through Cambridge, I guess, with the office, and a bunch of stuff happened that has become vague, such as walking by big planters and also by an old people bus, but later, while it was late afternoon on a mild winter day, I was walking back home and encountered McGrath Highway, but luckily there it was less intimidating and unelevated and had an actual sidewalk (it was in fact like Medford St crossing through Somerville), which though covered with slushy snow I was able to walk on. At some point in that time I was also sort of watching or imagining a play where two men were sort of hanging around and not really getting anywhere but also having contradictorily shifting settings, and I recognized its content from a Monty Python parody of it (which does not exist IRL; I think this was more likely based on a vague idea of Waiting for Godot or something) and anyway of course it turned out they were dead and in purgatory. That’s sort of weird.

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