Mountain Hill

I was at Williams and maybe writing an article on Willipedia about Mountain Hill, which was a mountain rising immediately adjacent to the campus to the south, and it was a combination of two geographies that have recurred many times in my dreams; one being the planar north-facing slope, which I think has been Mt. Monadnock in the past, and the other being the presence of a rectangular open land area of a few acres rising from the base of the slope with a road running along the high edge of the open space and some roads leading down from it back to the base. I was writing directions for how to most quickly get to climbing Mountain Hill from campus, and it involved just going up one of the slope roads and then taking a left on the ridge road and then getting off on a trail to continue up further on. But when I checked this (I was sort of writing about it and being there at the same time) the slope road area was densely filled with colorful derelict industrial buildings to the extent that the road was filled in by building, so I revised my writing to reflect that the actual lower access road was further to the east, which sort of equates with the position of the trail in past dreams where the north slope was Mt. Monadnock. Why Mountain Hill? Well, because Mountain Mountain would sound dumb, of course. However, Mt. Mountain, I now realize, has rather a nice ring to it.

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