Monthly Archives: May 2007

Gersau, MA

I hain’t been here a few days longer than intended because Safari has kept crashing on me when I try to start a new post. So I’m using Camino instead and so far it’s working fine. Let’s go:

1. Three nights ago I dreamt that I was in the Medford Main St area just south of George St except that the area was Gersau and not South Medford, which seemed natural. Also I woke up temporarily at about 5AM and saw that it wasn’t too long till a far-north sunrise, and when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I actually saw the sun rising and was like “Suuuuun!” and got my camera and took a picture of the sun with the orb filling up the whole frame, so that the camera exposure became so quick that the surface texture of the sun showed up in the picture, and its look was more the large plates of a new atomic bomb explosion than the nobbled, sunspotted texture that one usually sees in pictures. Too, it was white in color in the picture rather than orange.

2. Two nights ago I dreamt that I was at Marienfeld (i.e. Harrisville, NH Marienfeld) but there were some changes that had happened such as a new building or two, and also it was up in an alpine valley, not on a hill. The sky was dark gray for the most part, though there was some afternoon sun at one point.

3. I ain’t remember what I dreamt about last night, except for that there were some trees around here with forest tent caterpillars, after I saw a couple of real ones on my run yesterday. Uh-oh.

piglet escape

I was moving a lot of furniture around sort of across a staircase at one point; at another point I was out at the edge of some large lake or something (not the Charles) near downtown Boston at twilight and was taking some pictures of or at least looking at the distant skylines in view; in a maybe adjacent scene I was at a college art museum I guess that had a bunch of wide stairs inside and out and the top of the concrete wall supporting some of the railings had shards of broken tile or something built into its surface. Also around that time we had a couple of piglets in a chain-link-fenced-off part of a room, and they ascertained how to escape by effortlessly climbing up and over the fence, which they did. After that I had to keep a large beetle from escaping, so I kept it in a box of a couple layers but left it some air gap, of course, but I eventually let it go. This, I remember now, was around the time of the furniture-moving.


I was on some sort of tour with an ever-shifting group of people I knew. At one point we walked up into a parking garage but were at first going up where the cars were coming down, so we had to take a cross-stair over to the other side. At the top of the garage it was more like the attic of a steeply-roofed house than anything else. When we were walking toward the garage, I demonstrated my ability to bounce several times levitated off the ground entirely just by starting out with a few grounded hops. Another time, we were in England and there was a train track in a fairly narrow sunken corridor, only maybe 10′ wide, that forked into two and the one that kept the straight route of the pre-fork track was ostensibly out of use, which I was disappointed about, although a locomotive did choochoo past as I and someone else were sprinting back toward the fork on the tilted banks of the corridor. Another locomotive took the other, curved route.

At another point I polished my shoes (as I’ve been meaning to do IRL) because they had lost all their color and had actually turned completely white.

McGrath Hwy

I toured through Cambridge, I guess, with the office, and a bunch of stuff happened that has become vague, such as walking by big planters and also by an old people bus, but later, while it was late afternoon on a mild winter day, I was walking back home and encountered McGrath Highway, but luckily there it was less intimidating and unelevated and had an actual sidewalk (it was in fact like Medford St crossing through Somerville), which though covered with slushy snow I was able to walk on. At some point in that time I was also sort of watching or imagining a play where two men were sort of hanging around and not really getting anywhere but also having contradictorily shifting settings, and I recognized its content from a Monty Python parody of it (which does not exist IRL; I think this was more likely based on a vague idea of Waiting for Godot or something) and anyway of course it turned out they were dead and in purgatory. That’s sort of weird.

Prospect Hill

I was at home in NH out in the outback with my parents and I realized suddenly that the southwest corner of the property was the base of a mountain (called Prospect Hill) that I had never climbed before. We walked up it, starting out in a pine forest on an overcast day, and got up to an open cabin, I think. Further up, it became a partly sunny afternoon and the road took curves and had some flat areas (this part of the route had commonalities with past dream scenes), and we kept walking through the middle of farmyards with nice views. Apparently the whole mountain pretty much had been owned by one party previously who didn’t allow trespassing, which is why I’d never seen it, but now the farms were OK to be walked through (like in Switzerland). It was pretty cool.


There were lots and lots of dream scenes last night but the one that sticks in my head is that I was in a house with an African-American family I didn’t know (a husband, wife, and I think a young kid) and the husband came in from the hallway freaking out about “a lizard” that was on the wall in the hall. The wife went out and reacted similarly. I went to investigate and it was not a lizard at all but a nice ringnecked dove, which I decided to keep for a pet.

Mountain Hill

I was at Williams and maybe writing an article on Willipedia about Mountain Hill, which was a mountain rising immediately adjacent to the campus to the south, and it was a combination of two geographies that have recurred many times in my dreams; one being the planar north-facing slope, which I think has been Mt. Monadnock in the past, and the other being the presence of a rectangular open land area of a few acres rising from the base of the slope with a road running along the high edge of the open space and some roads leading down from it back to the base. I was writing directions for how to most quickly get to climbing Mountain Hill from campus, and it involved just going up one of the slope roads and then taking a left on the ridge road and then getting off on a trail to continue up further on. But when I checked this (I was sort of writing about it and being there at the same time) the slope road area was densely filled with colorful derelict industrial buildings to the extent that the road was filled in by building, so I revised my writing to reflect that the actual lower access road was further to the east, which sort of equates with the position of the trail in past dreams where the north slope was Mt. Monadnock. Why Mountain Hill? Well, because Mountain Mountain would sound dumb, of course. However, Mt. Mountain, I now realize, has rather a nice ring to it.