dystopian tower

Man I slept for 11 1/2 hours and at least I still have one vivid scene, which is that a bunch of WXC and some other Williams people and I were riding up in buses to a very northern place in Canada, I think in Nunavut, for a meet or a camp or something. It sort of looked like a place that had been built up for a Winter Olympics and now lay fallow. So this is overall looking like a big fusion of the RL preseason trips I did with XC (Canada, Lake Placid). It was the warm season, no snow on the ground, and the whole scene took place on a partly cloudy afternoon with diffuse light. There was one large housing tower up the road to the west in the distance that I kept describing as “dystopian” because it was. It turned out I think that we were staying there, and it also turned out that it had been renovated by Fumihiko Maki to be less rectilinear and cold, which I saw when we got to it. It had some huge deep stacked porticos all up and down the left side that had been given slightly sloped interior walls by Maki, and while I agreed that this warmed it up somewhat, it didn’t really go far enough in making it humane. More impressive was the wood material up close, which was basically thinnish sticks of wood pressed together into thick boards that were strung up double-diagonally into walls and finished with a glossy varnish. I was able to see this on an extension of the building that was attached to the left and front of the portico area and seemed to be a sort of secondary stairwell area but also where I was bunking. Later (although it was the same time of day) we were either heading out or going on a day trip from the area and the bus had no roof and instead of Williams people it was Hancock peers.

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