I was flying (on my own power) close to sunset and I went around to where the sun was just occluded by the top of Norway Hill, and then I got closer and shifted around to try to catch where the sun would be visible. Eventually I found myself right over the top of the hill, and beyond the trees (it had looked completely forested from the east) there were fields and a sharp slope down to settlement below. I kept on locomoting in that direction, now sort of more running-floating, and got onto a dirt road with a retaining wall to the right that grew as I proceeded further down. But I lifted off the ground higher and higher as I was running down the road and I was rather worried that once I lost the lift I’d get some major road rash. At the base of the hill the road emptied into a paved highway that had a bunch of traffic, so I applied the brakes on my bike hard (because, after all, I was riding a bike by that point) and came to a stop.

Later, still within dreams, I related this dream to someone else because it was so fantastic. This was in a classroom and there were several scenes there, but I don’t really remember that much about them, except the classroom faced east and was colored yellow. Also there was a scene where there were pieces of buildings from Marienfeld framed up inside a house during renovations?

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