Man I slept a little longer than usual last night and just had hell of dreams. First I remember only vaguely something about a lake and square flower boxes.

Then my parents and I were visiting Baghdad, and of course there was a constant pall of fear around. I took the bus some places and I think there was a carpet or two hanging inside the bus, which had a very large cabin, like a large airplane or something. We walked down a street with large trees on either side, not knowing whether something deadly was hiding behind them. I was kind of glad I have a significant beard, so as to blend in some. Nothing untoward happened, luckily.

Later I was in NH and went out into the backyard and it was raining steadily. After a couple of minutes, though, it seemed to change to snow, sort of unnoticeably because the snow was light and small unlike the large clumping that warm snow usually exhibits. After a few more minutes the sudden end of the clouds moved overhead and left a sunny afternoon, but it was still snowing/raining just to the east and creating all kinds of subtle rainbows. (This is perhaps a throwback to a long time ago when IRL one afternoon the sun was shining but it was raining to the east of the house and not to the west. I was able to run between the two zones several times.)

Finally we were in Seattle, or at least I was talking about it with people, and of course I remarked upon how sweet it was to be able to see Rainier out beyond all the skyscrapers.

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