Monthly Archives: April 2007

dystopian tower

Man I slept for 11 1/2 hours and at least I still have one vivid scene, which is that a bunch of WXC and some other Williams people and I were riding up in buses to a very northern place in Canada, I think in Nunavut, for a meet or a camp or something. It sort of looked like a place that had been built up for a Winter Olympics and now lay fallow. So this is overall looking like a big fusion of the RL preseason trips I did with XC (Canada, Lake Placid). It was the warm season, no snow on the ground, and the whole scene took place on a partly cloudy afternoon with diffuse light. There was one large housing tower up the road to the west in the distance that I kept describing as “dystopian” because it was. It turned out I think that we were staying there, and it also turned out that it had been renovated by Fumihiko Maki to be less rectilinear and cold, which I saw when we got to it. It had some huge deep stacked porticos all up and down the left side that had been given slightly sloped interior walls by Maki, and while I agreed that this warmed it up somewhat, it didn’t really go far enough in making it humane. More impressive was the wood material up close, which was basically thinnish sticks of wood pressed together into thick boards that were strung up double-diagonally into walls and finished with a glossy varnish. I was able to see this on an extension of the building that was attached to the left and front of the portico area and seemed to be a sort of secondary stairwell area but also where I was bunking. Later (although it was the same time of day) we were either heading out or going on a day trip from the area and the bus had no roof and instead of Williams people it was Hancock peers.


I was flying (on my own power) close to sunset and I went around to where the sun was just occluded by the top of Norway Hill, and then I got closer and shifted around to try to catch where the sun would be visible. Eventually I found myself right over the top of the hill, and beyond the trees (it had looked completely forested from the east) there were fields and a sharp slope down to settlement below. I kept on locomoting in that direction, now sort of more running-floating, and got onto a dirt road with a retaining wall to the right that grew as I proceeded further down. But I lifted off the ground higher and higher as I was running down the road and I was rather worried that once I lost the lift I’d get some major road rash. At the base of the hill the road emptied into a paved highway that had a bunch of traffic, so I applied the brakes on my bike hard (because, after all, I was riding a bike by that point) and came to a stop.

Later, still within dreams, I related this dream to someone else because it was so fantastic. This was in a classroom and there were several scenes there, but I don’t really remember that much about them, except the classroom faced east and was colored yellow. Also there was a scene where there were pieces of buildings from Marienfeld framed up inside a house during renovations?

blanket store

I was at my cabin in Maine and got a new ring dove from a pet store, and I noticed the bill for him was almost $1000, including the cage and vaccinations, and that was rather larger than the $25 we paid IRL for Clayborne’s cage back in the day (we got Borne herself for free). The new dove was nice, though.

Also I saw an ad on TV for a blanket store, and I needed a blanket for my bed (at the cabin?) so I went there. It was a small big box, with just one big, sunlit in the morning, space, besides the entrance. There were large, coarse carpets or blankets to hang on office walls. I liked the look of some large fleece blankets. The entire far half of the store was given over to books, which I guess you could read while wrapped up in a blanket?

At another point I was in the office and parents of my coworkers started coming in, many of them bearing a close resemblance to their offspring. It was some kind of particular parents’ day or something that I didn’t know about. Also Jim brought in as guests a bunch of fairly ancient people who were like 20 years older than him. I’m not sure who they were, but they were probably all distinguished in their fields is my guess.


Man I slept a little longer than usual last night and just had hell of dreams. First I remember only vaguely something about a lake and square flower boxes.

Then my parents and I were visiting Baghdad, and of course there was a constant pall of fear around. I took the bus some places and I think there was a carpet or two hanging inside the bus, which had a very large cabin, like a large airplane or something. We walked down a street with large trees on either side, not knowing whether something deadly was hiding behind them. I was kind of glad I have a significant beard, so as to blend in some. Nothing untoward happened, luckily.

Later I was in NH and went out into the backyard and it was raining steadily. After a couple of minutes, though, it seemed to change to snow, sort of unnoticeably because the snow was light and small unlike the large clumping that warm snow usually exhibits. After a few more minutes the sudden end of the clouds moved overhead and left a sunny afternoon, but it was still snowing/raining just to the east and creating all kinds of subtle rainbows. (This is perhaps a throwback to a long time ago when IRL one afternoon the sun was shining but it was raining to the east of the house and not to the west. I was able to run between the two zones several times.)

Finally we were in Seattle, or at least I was talking about it with people, and of course I remarked upon how sweet it was to be able to see Rainier out beyond all the skyscrapers.

vegan cheese

• I was in a store that sold vegan foods and there were some shrink-wrapped slabs of vegan cheese, some behind locked glazed cabinets with black metal frames, which I just had to ask an attendant for the key for to unlock.

• There was an open-air shower that was half set into the north-sloping roof of a large house in a dense neighborhood, and it was sort of uncomfortably visible from lots of other houses, which I noticed when I tried using it on an evening.


I was in a house in which I went up and down five sets of stairs (some of them only a couple steps long) to get from one place upstairs to another place downstairs near a south outside door on a sunny day, while there was a single staircase nearer to the destination that I could have used instead. But that wouldn’t have been as fun, of course.


I have forgotten most of what I once remembered of last night’s dreams, but I do still remember that I and a bunch of acquaintances were in a house with a low ceiling and an L-shaped family-roomish room and some sort of electronic equipment disappeared from a base cabinet there, and this was ascertained to be due to a mouse. So we set up a non-injurious trap for the mouse and caught it, but when we picked up the trap there was only a tail there and it seemed to be made out of plant material and not of mouse at all??


I dreamt about (1) trying to figure out where exactly the five boroughs were on a map and (2) phonetics things. That is all I remember.