some mountains

• We were at the cabin in Maine, it seems, although the road was to the west instead of to the east. Some super-special grayscale rowing shells were dropped off and sat in the back yard for Dad to fix while we were there.

• I was on Monadnock with I guess my parents and maybe some family friends and it was a lot more forested all around the summit than IRL, and the proper summit was just this somewhat higher rock in the clearing such that many of the surrounding trees were higher than it.

• I also was climbing a mountain on a sunny late morning in Appenzell or the Emmental or some other place with grassy slopes, and there was a large almost dumpster-sized dark plastic container on the trail that appeared to maybe be for recyclables like one of those multimaterial European ones, and I stopped to drum on it like so many congas.

• There was something else too but I have been up for close to 6 hours and I have forgotten it.

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