Village Voice

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this unintended 11-day Jono’s Retarded Demented Dream Journal dry spell!!! (Edit: I altered the name of the journal because I grew worried that I would offend someone who didn’t deserve to be offended by using “retarded.” “Demented” still sounds pretty awesome, I think, and also it creates a palindromic acronym!)

Um, okay. First of all I dreamt a few nights ago that I was at a “town meeting” event in the Monadnock Region with my parents and John McCain was being totally grilled by the audience on the Iraq war and all his sundry non-maverick behaviors of recent years. I felt a little embarrassed for him, but he had brought it upon himself, of course. Also perhaps the same night I dreamt that my beard had disappeared, and that I woke up and it was still gone, but luckily when I woke up for real it was still there. Phew.

Last night, meanwhile, like basically every night, I dreamt about traveling through Greater Boston. There was a Boston Ave train stop, which was Red Line according to its color, and it was on the street level but covered with a sidewalk of the street leading straight onto a platform, but then the tracks cut across and you couldn’t keep going on that route, which got me and a couple of other streetgoers confused. Also I went between my apartment and Davis, I guess, two or more times, and there was a square down close to Davis that was the crossing of two major streets, but with a large grassy area sloping up to a darkish church with a large clock, and the square was called the Village Voice, except my roommate didn’t seem to believe this and sort of laughed at me when I told him the name. (I think that this is kind of a cool idea, calling squares things that have nothing to do with streets or last names or locations, and especially not ending their names with “square.”) (“Where do you live?” “Oh, right near the Village Voice, just a block away from it on Chuckle St.” “Oh, cool, I always walk through the Village Voice on my commute. I can’t wait until the Green Line extension comes to the Village Voice.” “I know, man.”)

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