slide shed

• I was all up ambulating around the streets of Boston during night and day, even though the city was not recognizable as such; I passed by numerous T stops of different lines, and there was a long plaza area with buildings dispersed through it that included Government Center (even though the area looked somewhat more like the plaza at Williams between Lawrence, Lasell, and Chandler) and a number of concrete stairs that didn’t lead to anywhere yet. That was at night. During an afternoon, I dashed across an intersection and ran into a wooden shed that housed a shallow plastic playground slide, which I slid down and almost ran into some children at the end, but I was able to avoid that by bailing out.

• I was going to make a cheesy/saucy pasta casserole for those of my roommates and colleagues who were going to be around for dinner, but hadn’t made this clear, so one of them was glad to hear that such was my plan, as he wanted to be able to have some casserole but wanted to be polite about it. Perhaps in the same scene, I was drawing, with a soft pencil on a large piece of paper, a rolling landscape with some houses about, in a spare style. I then filled in some of the sky area between the houses with some psychotropic gradients. At one point I was tracing a straight line, perhaps from the front of the picture onto the back of the picture, and one of my colleagues was very impressed that I was able to see and draw the line accurately. ??

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