Monthly Archives: March 2007

some mountains

• We were at the cabin in Maine, it seems, although the road was to the west instead of to the east. Some super-special grayscale rowing shells were dropped off and sat in the back yard for Dad to fix while we were there.

• I was on Monadnock with I guess my parents and maybe some family friends and it was a lot more forested all around the summit than IRL, and the proper summit was just this somewhat higher rock in the clearing such that many of the surrounding trees were higher than it.

• I also was climbing a mountain on a sunny late morning in Appenzell or the Emmental or some other place with grassy slopes, and there was a large almost dumpster-sized dark plastic container on the trail that appeared to maybe be for recyclables like one of those multimaterial European ones, and I stopped to drum on it like so many congas.

• There was something else too but I have been up for close to 6 hours and I have forgotten it.


Ugh, a 12-day break. Not intended. Too much IRL XHTML/CSS = not enough morning time even to remember my dreams. Not today though: last night I dreamt that I ran the Boston Marathon and it was much more rural in its entirety than the RL one; it ended on a long rolling straight stretch heading north with fields on both sides, at a T-intersection. That was midafternoon. I had also run it earlier in the day for a warmup. The course was two runs of one 13-mile loop, so I guess I did that loop 4 times total. I finished the race itself in 3:09 something, good enough to requalify me, which I was well surprised about. Soon after that I woke up.


All I remember now is riding the Red Line out toward Davis and I was reading an article about how Leo DiCaprio was like a streetfighter or something in his youth before he was discovered by Hollywood, and then somehow the level of discourse shifted to me being him, or at least having the same role, and I was scuffling (still on the train) with another dude, which caused me to miss my stop. So I exited in a huff at Alewife and walked across the platform to the waiting inbound train. This was a short scene within my dreams but it raises so many strange questions that it stuck with me.

plastic chamber

Hello. Last night I dreamt, among other things, that:

• I was riding down a really sloped curvy road sort of like an alpine slide and that each hummock surrounded by a road curve or further out and of equal radius to the nearby ones was a “neighborhood” in some sense, even though it was clearly just a hummock about 6′ wide.

• I and a group of other people, possibly mostly WXC people, had volunteered to spend a week in individual hermetically sealed chambers which were clear plastic rounded-cornered rectangular things about 4’x5′ in plan and tall enough to stand up in and had a seat. Added into the chamber by the scientists or whoever it was when I went in were 14 plastic hemispherical shells about 1′ in diameter. Half of them went on the ceiling, with their openings pointing down, and the other half on the floor with their openings pointing up. I took the floor ones to be storage and pondered that maybe one of them was supposed to be a chamberpot. (It didn’t occur to me how utterly foul a situation this would immediately become if that were the case.) There appeared to be a water line in. Later on that day I was outside of the chamber again for some reason and learned that everyone who spent the week in a chamber would win a free whole new kitchen. Hot dog! There were also some things happened in an adjacent library area and a cafeteria area beyond.

• I was riding with my parents to Maine, I guess, and they wanted me to see what new thing I noticed going east on 137. There were a couple of new little modern-looking buildings (on reflection it was much more built-up than IRL) but the thing they were talking about was a low pitched-roof building (white with 8:12 aluminum roof) built straight over the road that the road just proceeded through the interior of, beginning and ending with large garage doors. We stopped in because there was a bunch of Hancock people we knew hanging around. I guess the building was a sort of auto body. Coming back, rather than being a highway, 137 was a dirt road with lanes split in one area and it was sort of in a ditchlike direction from where it actually lies, and was sort of muddy and ditch-looking, overhung by trees and other vegetation. This is a thing that has recurred in my dreams many times, for some reason, except for the split-lane part. When we got home, the ash leaves had turned gold (it was late summer) which stood out against the dark gray sky.

Village Voice

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this unintended 11-day Jono’s Retarded Demented Dream Journal dry spell!!! (Edit: I altered the name of the journal because I grew worried that I would offend someone who didn’t deserve to be offended by using “retarded.” “Demented” still sounds pretty awesome, I think, and also it creates a palindromic acronym!)

Um, okay. First of all I dreamt a few nights ago that I was at a “town meeting” event in the Monadnock Region with my parents and John McCain was being totally grilled by the audience on the Iraq war and all his sundry non-maverick behaviors of recent years. I felt a little embarrassed for him, but he had brought it upon himself, of course. Also perhaps the same night I dreamt that my beard had disappeared, and that I woke up and it was still gone, but luckily when I woke up for real it was still there. Phew.

Last night, meanwhile, like basically every night, I dreamt about traveling through Greater Boston. There was a Boston Ave train stop, which was Red Line according to its color, and it was on the street level but covered with a sidewalk of the street leading straight onto a platform, but then the tracks cut across and you couldn’t keep going on that route, which got me and a couple of other streetgoers confused. Also I went between my apartment and Davis, I guess, two or more times, and there was a square down close to Davis that was the crossing of two major streets, but with a large grassy area sloping up to a darkish church with a large clock, and the square was called the Village Voice, except my roommate didn’t seem to believe this and sort of laughed at me when I told him the name. (I think that this is kind of a cool idea, calling squares things that have nothing to do with streets or last names or locations, and especially not ending their names with “square.”) (“Where do you live?” “Oh, right near the Village Voice, just a block away from it on Chuckle St.” “Oh, cool, I always walk through the Village Voice on my commute. I can’t wait until the Green Line extension comes to the Village Voice.” “I know, man.”)

slide shed

• I was all up ambulating around the streets of Boston during night and day, even though the city was not recognizable as such; I passed by numerous T stops of different lines, and there was a long plaza area with buildings dispersed through it that included Government Center (even though the area looked somewhat more like the plaza at Williams between Lawrence, Lasell, and Chandler) and a number of concrete stairs that didn’t lead to anywhere yet. That was at night. During an afternoon, I dashed across an intersection and ran into a wooden shed that housed a shallow plastic playground slide, which I slid down and almost ran into some children at the end, but I was able to avoid that by bailing out.

• I was going to make a cheesy/saucy pasta casserole for those of my roommates and colleagues who were going to be around for dinner, but hadn’t made this clear, so one of them was glad to hear that such was my plan, as he wanted to be able to have some casserole but wanted to be polite about it. Perhaps in the same scene, I was drawing, with a soft pencil on a large piece of paper, a rolling landscape with some houses about, in a spare style. I then filled in some of the sky area between the houses with some psychotropic gradients. At one point I was tracing a straight line, perhaps from the front of the picture onto the back of the picture, and one of my colleagues was very impressed that I was able to see and draw the line accurately. ??