north sun

• I was at home in NH and we had a northwest extension of the property out to 137, as sometimes happens in my dreams, and I was looking out across the road to see what buildings I could see in the distance, which I had never done before for some reason, and there were lots and lots of houses just peeking out over trees or each other. Also the sun was getting later in the afternoon and it was already far up in the northwest even though it was several hours from setting still. As it got closer to setting it was really way north, and still very white, and I think I took a picture to record how north it was.

• I was at work and was assigned to make a SketchUp model of a crystal-looking house, which was part of a project that also included maybe another house, wooden, with a similar drastically simple outside shape (pitched roof but no eaves), and a garage that was a wide, sweeping lean-to. These were on a site that looked similar to the north lawn of my property, which featured in the previously mentioned segment above. Also there was a school for the blind just up the Bermuda-like north-south street from the office, which I realized when I walked by a whole group of blind people on the street at one point.

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